Monday, 31 October 2011

Pandora Ideas

Just some stuff for my animation project. Pretty happy with the character designs so far, need to do more colour work though...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lady of the Sea

Illustration based on Seth Lakeman's Lady of the Sea (yes, I know that the lady in the song is actually a ship...) Disappointed with the colouring, might redo it with ink.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Elephant Fuel

Some concept work based on a task we were set in uni. Got out my pen and ink for the first time in ages, feels so much better than a stylus! (Edit:Also fits this weeks illustration friday too, nice.)
A sure-fire way to seduce an elephant - feed it good coffee! Not sure I'd like to give an elephant caffeine though....

Painting Practice

Just been practicing my painting skills - realized I haven't done landscapes in yonks!! Copied from photographs though I've lost the originals... if you recognize them please let me know so I can add credit.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Empty Headed

Was originally going to enter this for illustration friday - the theme is "contraption" so I was going to add cogs and wiring falling out of her broken skull. I kinda like it as it is though - adding it to my "Pandora" pre-production stuff.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Character design of Amelia, the protagonist of a time-travel graphic novel I'm planning. Getting back into techniques I used on the cowboys in 3rd year, hopefully got it looking smoother!

Summer things

I forgot about these, smoooth... Top is a character design for a friend's film, about a boy with hiccups. Ruth Taylor is the director, she's pretty epic and I'll update when I know more details.
Below is my entry for Channel 4's Street Summer, got so few votes it's embarrassing! Guess I just wasn't street enough... The theme I chose was the spoken word, and the title is "Firebreather" - also kind of based on the Celtic symbol of the snake eating it's own tail. Is she nom-noming on the dragon's tail, or is the dragon pulling itself from within her like a beautiful, fearsome poem? Whatever floats your boat I guess.
Both of these were sort of experiments with texture and line, using scanned linework. I kinda like them both :)

MA Woo!!

Just started on my MA course at the ATRiUM in Cardiff, so here's a quick update. Haven't really got going yet, so not much to see here.... Here are my "little curators" from the museum story brief. Wish I'd sorted out the proportions and sheeet, oh dear.