Friday, 19 November 2010

Panda Comp entry 2

More pandas... not certain about this one. Finished visual culture though, woop woop!
(EDIT: Changed it a little, this version looks much better! Thanks Fran, Steff and Ruth!)


Fran Court said...

i like the foreground panda because his expression makes the message clear. i think the background panda isnt as clear, if he's meant to be sleepy and dissinterested maybe could do something to exaggerate that a bit more?
I like the shapes and colours though! Just a suggestion for the background panda

Sarah said...

cheers! i need to play around with it a bit more i think... she's supposed to be sleeping (and it's supposed to be a she, heh!) thanks for pointing that out, i knew summat was wrong but couldn't see it... damn pandas :<