Thursday, 26 March 2009

Panda Sutra

Finally finished the Panda Sutra book yesterday. Phew!
The idea behind this project was to tackle the Kama Sutra and dating with an animal that sucks at procreating and looks cute and innocent: the panda. It comes in a set which includes everything a panda needs to save it's species, including a small copy of the "Little Red Book" (panda version of the Kama Sutra), mood lighting in the form of candles and matches, aphrodisiacs and details of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.
The book itself was hand-painted (even the text, which was lightboxed from printed text to look more handmade) and then reprinted to correct mistakes.
I will be making editions of the book and possibly the bachelor and bachelorette dating ads if there is interest.

My version of Vatsyayana, who is considered the creator of the Kama Sutra. He offers handy advice throughout my book.


Rhiannon Ladd said...

*puts hand up* ooh ooh ooh!! Me me me, pick me! I have interest!! =D


the liz said...

I DEFINITELY want one!!! Because who knows when you're gonna need to teach a panda how to get in the mood..