Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Nugget - the robotic snorkelling chicken

The results of the world in a box workshop! I wasn't expecting much, but I really enjoyed it. We had to pick three words out of a hat - two adjectives and one animal. I got shiny, flippant chicken - I didn't know how to show flippant, so I just gave him flippers. He's got all kitted out to go swimming, but he's sad when he realizes that he can't, because he's a robot chicken and would rust if he did.

I had a lot of fun making the details, like his goggles and the snorkel, and his feathers and tail were fun too. Got a bit bored with the scenery though. (The photos are rubbish too - forgot my camera so had to use the one on my phone..)

Though, as everyone pointed out, the bolts on his chest look a liiittle bit like nipples.... oh dear! Maybe he's sad because his bikini's a bit too small.

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